Wednesday, October 03, 2007

If they were psychic, shouldn't they have known this would happen?

From the Skeptical Inquirer Magazine article:

A continuing-education workshop titled “Coming to Our Senses: Psychic Events in the Lives of Clinicians and Clients” was touted in North Carolina this year by Beth Wechsler, MSW. According to the brochure, the topics to be covered included an account of the nature of ESP (with perspectives from parapsychology and quantum physics, as well as material from Einstein, Edison, and Jung), ESP and medicine, psychics and mediums (and how to detect fakes!), telepathy, precognition, and apparitions.
An e-mail addressing the content of the workshop was sent to the associations and boards that had designated PESI as an approved provider. Karen Kanefield, the director of the Continuing Education Sponsor Approval System of the American Psychological Association, responded immediately. She said that the content of the psychic-events workshop does not meet the curriculum-content requirements of the APA and that PESI would be informed that the workshop “is not suitable as continuing education for psychologists.”

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