Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End of the industry RFP?

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article "Drug firms' cash skews doctor classes":
Do your legs feel tingly? Do you suffer from mood swings before your period? Would you take a mind-altering drug to quit smoking?

If so, the pharmaceutical industry and the University of Wisconsin-Madison want to teach your doctor a lesson.

Drug companies have largely taken over the field of doctor education, in part by bankrolling physician education courses at medical schools.

Critics say the practice increases medical costs by encouraging doctors to write prescriptions for expensive brand-name drugs and by exaggerating the frequency and prevalence of rare conditions. It also promotes the use of drugs not approved for the ailments.

A Journal Sentinel investigation found that industry-funded doctor education courses offered at UW often present a slanted view by favoring prescription medications over non-drug therapies and by failing to mention important side effects.
Click here to access the MJS article. Click here to read Dr. Carlat's blog posting on this article. Hey, I just tell you what's out there in the news!

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