Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Core measures and patient safety goals?

Check out the free full text article "Linking Joint Commission inpatient core measures and National Patient Safety Goals with evidence" published by Baylor University Medical Center. An excerpt:
Despite widespread dissemination of the core measures, safety goals, and related quality guidelines, there is significant variation in their application across hospitals (8–13). Reasons for this variance are complex and may include differences in guideline familiarity, provider training, and tools and systems to ensure that recommended care is provided and documented (8). In addition, hospital type, size, and location have been found to correlate with compliance rates (9, 12). Other hospital characteristics such as physician leadership and organizational support also appear to contribute to the consistent use of evidence-based processes of care (14–17).
Click here to access the article; it's worth a careful read by CME professionals.

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