Thursday, December 24, 2009

New report from IOM: Redesigning Continuing Education in the Health Professions

From the AAFP News Now article:
According to a new report from the Institute of Medicine, or IOM, there are a number of deficiencies with the current continuing education, or CE, system for health professionals in the United States. The report is calling for the creation of a national, interprofessional CE institute to achieve a new vision of continuing professional development for health professionals, with the goal of improving patient care and health care delivery.

...According to the report,

* there are major flaws in the way CE currently is conducted, financed, regulated and evaluated;
* the science behind CE for health professionals is fragmented and underdeveloped;
* continuing education efforts need to bring health professionals from various disciplines together in tailored learning environments;
* a new vision of professional development for health care professionals is needed to replace the current culture; and
* establishing a national, interprofessional public-private institute to foster improvements in CE may help improve the overall system.
Click here to access the AAFP News Now article. Click here to access the IOM report in brief.

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