Thursday, May 31, 2007

Health Care Report Card Compendium

From the press release:

With rising interest in information about the quality of care delivered by health care providers, HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has developed a new Web tool demonstrating a variety of approaches for health quality report cards.

The new Health Care Report Card Compendium is a searchable directory of over 200 samples of report cards produced by a variety of organizations. The samples show formats and approaches for providing comparative information on the quality of health plans, hospitals, medical groups, individual physicians, nursing homes, and other providers of care. The Health Care Report Card Compendium can be found at

"Consumers and providers alike need better information if we're to get the highest quality and value from our health care system," said HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt. "We're still learning how to gather and present that information in the best ways, and we can learn from one another. The new AHRQ Web site will help with that learning."
Click here to access the press release.

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