Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A reasonable voice

This essay didn't make it into one of the big newspapers; however, it deserves a wider forum, from the Daily News Tribune:

Current medical journals and the popular press carry numerous articles about the relationships between the drug manufacturing industry and physicians. Newspapers and computer screens roar with disturbing headlines: ``Doctors reap millions for anemia drugs;'' ``Pills for Patients, Payday for Docs;'' ``Posing as pals, drug reps sway doctors' choices.''

The perception of physicians created by these stories raises many questions. It often appears that physicians and pharmaceutical companies are engaged in an unholy alliance where greed and money rule. Some reports would have you believe most doctors are checking patients with one hand and looking for a hand-out with the other.

It's true some physicians (as well as drug company representatives) may lose their ethical compass from time to time. Thankfully, the overwhelming percentage of my profession is populated with good, honest, decent and wonderfully caring people.
Click here to read this essay written by Leonard J. Morse, M.D.

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