Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PDA and brain-injured veterans

From the News Observer article:
Troops who lose limbs in Iraq are fitted with sophisticated replacements such as computer-controlled legs. Now, some of the thousands who have returned with brain injuries are getting a prosthetic for the mind -- a personal digital assistant that serves as their short-term memory.

"If I couldn't use it, I basically wouldn't be able to function," said Master Sgt. Tony Wisyanski, an 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper based at Fort Bragg.

Wisyanski suffered a brain injury and other wounds Oct. 1, 2006, in Iraq when his Humvee was struck by two rocket-propelled grenades. While he was being treated at a brain-injury center in Virginia, a speech pathologist ordered a PDA for him. Among other things, he programs it to beep an audio alert to remind him about appointments and to record phone numbers.

You'd think at least one of these companies would step up and donate PDAs to these veterans. Click here to access the article.

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