Thursday, June 05, 2008

Physicians Disagree with Proposed Ban of Commercial Support of CME

Pri-Med recently conducted a survey of 268 physicians regarding the CEJA proposed policy; some of the results:
1. The CEJA of the AMA published a report last week that stated industry-support of CME should end. Do you agree, disagree or have no opinion?

• 92% of the doctors disagree with the ban

2. If industry funding of CME ends, how would this impact the ways in which you obtain CME?

On the whole, physicians state three primary ways it will impact them:

• It will be more expensive to receive continuing medical education, which makes it more difficult for physicians to stay up-to-date
• The quality of CME will decrease
• Fewer opportunities available will hurt patient care
A hat tip to Marissa Seligman, Ph.D., of Pri-Med for these results. (To the best of my knowledge, the survey results are not yet posted online, when and if they are I will certainly repost with the link.)

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