Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SACME survey results on proposed CEJA policy

SACME recently surveyed its members regarding CEJA's proposed policy which would pretty much ban industry support of "CME" although industry could still train physicians on new equipment or new devices.

Per SACME President Melinda Steele the survey results of 56 SACME members on the proposed policy "...should in no way be construed as an official position or opinion of SACME." The results of two survey questions:
The CEJA report accurately represents the current environment in academic CME:

Strongly Disagree 33.9%
Disagree 23.2%
Neutral 8.9%
Agree 23.2%
Strongly Agree 10%

The CEJA report should be referred back to CEJA for further action:

Strongly Disagree 10.7%
Disagree 7.1%
Neutral 3.6%
Agree 28.6%
Strongly Agree 50.0%
If the entire survey results get posted, I'll provide the url.

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