Thursday, October 08, 2009

Orthopedists and disclosure

From the Wall Street Journal article:
Orthopedists failed to disclose over 20% of the payments they receive from makers of hip and knee replacements when presenting research related to the companies' products, a new study found. The finding, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, comes amid growing legislative efforts to require medical companies to disclose payments made to physicians, and researchers to alert the public to potential conflicts of interest that may color how doctors treat them.
"We were a little surprised at how high the nondisclosure rate was," said Dr. Kocher, who attended the meeting. "Some of that might have been intentional and perhaps people shouldn't be trusted, but I think the big part is it's very confusing how self-disclosure happens now in scientific meetings and in journals."

Joseph Zuckerman, a New York University doctor who serves as the orthopedist society's president, said the group had significantly tightened its conflict-disclosure policies since the 2008 meeting.
Click here to access the WSJ article (sub. req.). Click here to access the NEJM article.

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